Sometimes the gym can be such an intimidating place. Newbies are likely to encounter so many unspoken rules, unfamiliar machines, difficulty in navigating some areas. However, it’s not always about- many people always feel a little uneasy when entering an uncharted territory. In a nutshell, the best solution for your pre-gym anxiety is to get as comfortable as possible before heading to the gym. Here are a few heads up for newbies which could be a lifesaver;

You need to pack a bag

Even before you leave your house for the gym, you’ll need a bag. In the bag you should have a water bottle, comfortable shoes and apparel, hair ties and any other thing you may need. You can also pack any toiletries you may need after your workout e.g. shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc just in case.

Take a tour of the gym

On arrival to the gym, still no rush- try to do a little research before you ultimately sign up with a gym. Take your time and tour the facility with at least one representative from that gym just to see what amenities they have to offer.

Use the locker room

The locker room is yours to use- keeping bags piled around your machine just is not going to be a pleasant experience to the people trying to navigate the gym. If the gym doesn’t have any, feel free to bring your own lock. Remember to enquire about it during the tour.

Steer clear of germs

The gym is not the cleanest place; don’t expect a kitchen of a gym. Everyone sweats in the gym, but it’s about how you handle yourself in the gym that counts. Usually, you will find sanitary stations in most gyms with products to keep most shared equipment clean. Feel free to wipe things down both before and after use. Some equipment, like free weights, may not need to be wiped every time, so don’t be too much of a clean freak.

One machine at a time

Usually, there is so much handy equipment in the gym that many people usually ignore just because they don’t want to look silly (or get hurt!) if they use it incorrectly. No worries, if you come across a new machine that captures your attention and you’d like to try, check with a trainer at the gym. They will show you how to use it properly so that you make the best use of it.

Loud music is not okay

When choosing your preferred gym music, remember to add a playlist that will motivate you to have a great workout. Remember to keep a volume that doesn’t bother the others too.

If you still have more questions about going to the gym first time, never back down- always feel free to approach a trainer to help you. After all, you paid to be there, so it’s your right to be as comfortable as possible when you are there. Asking a question does not make you look dumb, just imagine a scenario of you flying off an ab slider. Would be so embarrassing, so- just ask.