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Learn In Better Way

Sports institutions cater professional trainings on sports activities as a result of which you can learn in a better way.

Detailed Benefits

These centers will enable you to realize detailed benefits that can be derived from sports activities or games.

Special Strategies

You can receive special strategies or tips from sports professionals that can help in boosting up your sports performances or activities.

Get Motivation

You can get great motivation to attend different sports activities, especially if you are a beginner.

club house

Welcome to the Swansea Tennis & Squash Club Centre.

Our brand new tennis and squash facilities are now officially open and we look forward to inviting you to our world beating facilities and equipment.

It has taken over 2 years to build and with a spend of over £2 million we have really succeeded in putting Swansea on the map for its new sporting facilities with special thanks to Property Cash Buyers for their funding support of this property site.

Inside Property Facilities

We now have 6 indoor tennis courts featuring in the property 6 hard surface clay courts. The properties courts feature the latest FastFan™ ventilation ensuring a perfect all day temperature for playing long exciting games. We also have a seating area which can seat 20 spectators.

We also have male and female changing showers located inside the property.

Outside Property Facilities

Outside the new property we have 4 fantastic grass courts with the latest drainage technology QuickDryDrainage™ and seating in the arena able to seat 200 spectators and fans.

The new courts are absolutely fantastic for playing a low bounce fast game of tennis and our top trainers have been putting the courts through their paces over the last few weeks to make sure you enjoy the best game at our property as possible.

Alongside our great new court facilities are:

  • Court side licensed bar and café serving the best locally pre-paired food and drinks including the “big house of sandwich” and “tennis time tea”.
  • Male and Female shower rooms inside the property including luxury Jacuzzi and sauna rooms.
  • Sports Shop which has a range of great deals on tennis and squash racquets, sports clothing and accessories including Wilson tension range of balls, shock absorbers & sweat bands.


Prices start from £10 per hour (members) & £15 per hour (non-members). Prices depend on time of year and if you want to book in-door or outdoor of the property.


You can join our Tennis & Squash membership for £250 per year per person or £500 for family membership. The membership entitles you to discounted court fees and up to 30% discount in our café and sport shop (terms and conditions apply).

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 9am – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 10pm

(please call for bank holiday opening hours).


Swansea Tennis & Squash Club

Oystermouth Road



Telephone: 01792 203932

Partners & Sponsors

Property Cash Buyers – Locally based company Property Cash Buyers helped us secure the land and property which are now proudly part of the Swansea Tennis & Squash Club. They are an Online Estate Agent who help people sell their homes throughout the UK offering free online property valuations.

National Lottery – The national lottery provides grants to a number of causes including sports such as Tennis via is Big Lottery Fund.

Lawn Tennis Association – membership allows the non-profit to assist in funding local tennis centers and players in their journey to tennis stardom.…

Sports center is mainly concerned about catering valuable coaching classes to the sports enthusiasts. Therefore, it can be easily understood that the future of these enthusiasts remains completely within the hands of these centers. If you fail to choose the right center, then you will miss out the chance in getting the best knowledge on sports activities.

There are many fellows who think that hiring any personal sports teacher or coach at home is enough. But the fact is that you will not be able to learn the best sports techniques without practicing in any center. You can learn the professional moves only from any reputed center.

 On the other hand, you will lose the chance of participating in any international and domestic sports competitions if you do not take admission in any sports institution.

Best tips to choose the best sports institution

  • Reputed sports institutions have got the highest craze as maximum sports enthusiasts are going for the same. If the centers have catered satisfactory services since past years, then they are surely reliable.
  • There are many online reviews where you can get the names of those centers that are not only popular but have got the highest rating. You can also look into the online directories for getting the list of the most popular centers of your locality.
  • The centers should follow all necessary norms and regulations of the state government and then only they can get greater acceptability and healthy responses from the targeted community.
  • The centers should maintain a healthy ambience so that the students can get greater encouragement in learning the sports activities. If improved techniques are being adopted by the centers, then the students’ skills can be made polished.
  • Specialized practicing sessions and trainings should be conducted by the centers for the benefits of the students. These sessions can help the students to learn faster.
  • These centers usually hire only licensed and qualified sports coaches who can coordinate with the students well and can show a friendly attitude towards them.
  • The monthly fees of the centers also need to be checked out. If you think that the fee structure is not that very flexible then you can look for the most affordable option. Read more at www.swanseatennisandsquashclub.org.uk


Contact Details

Swansea Tennis & Squash Club

Oystermouth Road



Telephone: 01792 203932

Email :info@swanseatennisandsquashclub.org.uk

If you are intending to have the best sports coach for building your professional career, then in that case you should join any accredited sports center in your locality. Beginners are mostly in need of professional coaches for receiving better guidance. There are some special traits that can help you in recognizing that whether the coach is right for you or not.

 In fact, these traits are being considered carefully at the time of hiring a professional sports coach by any sports institutions. The centers usually ask different questions at the interview for getting affair idea about the skills of the professionals.

Special traits of an efficient sports coach

  • The sports coach should have enough patience; otherwise he will not be able to handle the candidates well.
  • He should be quite calm and composed and should know his limits so that the students can receive friendly vibes from him. These vibes will help the students to communicate with the coach properly.
  • The coach should have proper training and this training experience can empower the professional to deal with all kinds of challenging or critical sports issues.
  • He should have improved technical skills otherwise the sports technicalities cannot be properly illustrated to the students. Sports technicalities can help in framing the best gaming strategies and these strategies play the most important role in gaining ultimate success.
  • The coach should have a good amount of experience in the concerned field. This quality is a great necessity for providing best sports knowledge to the students.
  • Nowadays, only certified and highly qualified sports professionals are getting hired by popular sports institutions. Without certification, the skills of the coach have no values at all.
  • The coach should be capable of resolving different sports troubles or issues easily and efficiently. This particular quality is helpful in resolving all sorts of queries coming from the end of the students.
  • The coach should adopt the latest sports techniques so that the students can learn the actual lessons of success.
  • The coach should be friendly in nature and then only a comfortable learning session can be conducted.
  • The coach should have the ability to take good decisions on behalf of the students.

If you think that only educational knowledge is enough for sports coaches, then you are wrong. They should have enough of practical training and experience and then only any reputed sports center will recruit them. Read more at www.swanseatennisandsquashclub.org.uk

Sports is one of the most prominent forms of entertainment and if you want to learn the same in full swing, then nothing can be the best option other than joining any reputed and accredited sports center.

 These kinds of centers are now increasing in count as more and more fellows are showing their passion towards different kinds of sports activities. You can now also treat these centers as fitness centers as you can get acute physical or health benefits by practicing sports activities.

  • You can now get proper guidance regarding the playing techniques from these centers only. In fact, this is one of the prominent reasons for joining these centers.
  • Most of the sports clubs of the modern age are now getting converted into fitness centers as many fitness exercises are also getting practiced out there.
  • You can also get lots of entertainment sources since the sports can be practiced in groups. You can get improved communication skills as a result of which you will be able to interact properly with the co-players.
  • You can get innumerable sports options out of which you can choose the best one that can cater you maximized benefits and acute fitness.
  • You can get great motivation to attend different sports activities, especially if you are a beginner.

  • You can get a golden chance to get a great future ahead. You can also win greater achievements in life and can attend even international competitions.
  • If you join sports institutions, then you can learn the formal way of playing sports rather than plying the same casually just for fun.
  • You can get certification and advanced degrees on your desirable sports activities.

Sports center can help you in learning the best tactics that can be applied for making the sports-playing skills more polished and sharpened. You have to choose such a center which is pretty close to your place so that you can attend each and every session without any miss. Read more at www.swanseatennisandsquashclub.org.uk